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General interest / Overview

Title Month/Year Format(s)
2-page project summary 10/2002 pdf
Project flyer 10/2002 pdf
G. Berti et al: Medical Simulation Services via the Grid In Proceedings of the HealthGRID 2003 conference 04/2003 pdf   bibTeX
S. Benkner et al: Numerical Simulation for eHealth: Grid-enabled Medical Simulation Services. In G.R. Joubert, W.E. Nagel, F.J. Peters, W.V. Walter (eds.), Parallel Computing: Software Technology, Algorithms, Architectures and Applications (Proceedings of ParCo2003, Dresden, Germany, September 2003), Elsevier, 2004. 10/2003 pdf
J. Fingberg: "Grid-enabled Medical Simulation Services" - Anwendungen für verbesserte Diagnose und Planung medizinischer Eingriffe Talk given at Medica 2003, Düsseldorf, 19.11.2003. 11/2003 pdf
D. Jones et al: The GEMSS Grid: An Evolving HPC Environment for Medical Applications. In Proceedings of HealthGrid 2004. 01/2004 pdf
S. Benkner et al: GEMSS: Grid-Infrastructure for Medical Service Provision. In Proceedings of HealthGrid 2004 . 01/2004 pdf
J. Fingberg: Towards secure and trusted medical simulation services. Talk presented at UNICOM seminar Web Services and The Grid: Convergence to utility computing, London, 24.-25.05.2004 05/2004 pdf (requires Acrobat5)

Public deliverables

Title Month/Year Format(s)
D6.0c: Project Presentation (superseded by D6.3b) 10/2002 pdf
D6.2a: 1st Project Progress Report (superseded by D6.3b) 10/2003 pdf
D6.2b: 2nd Project Progress Report (superseded by D6.3b) 10/2004 pdf
D1.3b: Final Evaluation and Validation Report 01/2005 pdf
D6.2c: Final Project Progress Report (superseded by D6.3b) 03/2005 pdf
D6.3b: Edited Final Report 03/2005 pdf

Specialized topics

Legal and Security issues

Title Month/Year Format(s)
J. Herveg and Y. Poullet. Directive 95/46 and use of GRID technologies in healthcare sector: Selected legal issues. In Proceedings of the 1st HealthGRID Conference, Lyon, France, January 16.-17.  2003. 01/2003
S. Middleton et al: GEMSS: Privacy and security for a Medical Grid. In Proceedings of HealthGrid 2004) 01/2004 pdf
J. Herveg and Y. Poullet. HealthGrid White Paper, chapter Legal approaches of the HealthGrid technology. 2004
J. Herveg and J.-M. van Gyseghem. La sous-traitance des données du patient au regard de la directive 95/46. In Lex Electronica, 9(3), 2004. 2004 html

Grid Middleware

Title Month/Year Format(s)
S. Benkner, I. Brandic, A. Dimitrov, G. Engelbrecht, R. Schmidt, N. Terziev. Performance of java web services implementations. In Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Web Services, June 23 - 26, 2003, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, pp. 500-506. CSREA Press, 2003. ISBN 1-892512-49-1. 2003
J. Cao, G. Berti, J. Fingberg, J. G. Schmidt. Implementation of Grid-enabled medical simulation applications using workflow techniques. In Minglu Li, Xian-He Sun, Qianni Deng, and Jun Ni, editors, Grid and Cooperative Computing: Second International Workshop GCC 2003 (Shanghai, China, December 2003), Part I, volume 3032 of LNCS, pp. 34-41. Springer Verlag, 2004. 12/2003 Springer
S. Benkner, A. Dimitrov, G. Engelbrecht, R. Schmidt, N. Terziev. A service oriented framework for parallel medical image reconstruction. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science, Melbourne, Australia, June 2004. 06/2004
I. Brandic, S. Benkner, G. Engelbrecht, R. Schmidt. Towards quality of service support for grid workflows. In Proceedings of the European Grid Conference 2005 (EGC2005), Amsterdam, the Netherlands, February 2005, 2005. To appear. 02/2005

Maxillo-facial surgery

Title Month/Year Format(s)
G. Berti, J. Fingberg, T. Hierl, J. G. Schmidt: An interactive planning and simulation tool for maxillo-facial surgery. In Perspectives in Image-guided Surgery. Proceedings of the Scientific Workshop on Medical Robotics, Navigation and Visualization MRNV 2004, Remagen, Germany. pp. 311-318. World Scientific, 2004. 03/2004 pdf
J. G. Schmidt, G. Berti, J. Fingberg, J. Cao, G. Wollny: A Finite Element Based Tool Chain for the Planning and Simulation of Maxillo-Facial Surgery. In Proceedings of ECCOMAS 2004 . 07/2004 pdf
G. Berti: Image-based unstructured 3D mesh generation for medical applications In Proceedings of ECCOMAS 2004. 07/2004 pdf
G. Berti, J. Fingberg, Th. Hierl, J. G. Schmidt. Grid computing: Hochleistungs-Simulationsdienste unterstützen den Arzt. Cover story in Deutsches Ärzteblatt (PraxisComputer Supplement), 20(3):17-19, September 3, 2004 (in German). 09/2004 html, pdf
Th. Hierl, S. Zachow, G. Wollny, G. Berti, J. Fingberg. Concepts of computer-based simulation in orthognathic surgery. Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, 32, Suppl. 1:81-82, September 2004. 09/2004
G. Wollny, F. Kruggel, Th. Hierl, J. Hendricks. Assessment, validation, and visualisation of bony changes in crano-facial surgery. In Proceedings of the 4th IASTED International Conference on Visualisation, Imaging, and Image Processing VIIP'04, Marbella, Spain, September 2004, 2004. 09/2004
Th. Hierl, G. Wollny, G. Berti, J. Fingberg, J. G. Schmidt, Th. Schulz. Grid-enabled medical simulation services (GEMSS) in oral & maxillofacial surgery. In Proceedings of CURAC2004, 2004. 10/2004

Neuro-surgery support

Title Month/Year Format(s)
G. Wollny. Analysis of Changes in Temporal Series of Medical Images. PhD thesis, University of Leipzig, 2003. 2003 pdf
G. Wollny, H. Lippmann, Th. Hierl, J. Hendricks. Zur Vereinheitlichung und dem Vergleich nichtlinearer Registrierung. In Proc. of Workshop Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2005, Heidelberg, Germany, March 2005, Informatik Aktuell. Springer, 2005. To appear. 03/2005
H. Lippmann, F. Kruggel. Quasi-real-time neurosurgery support by MRI processing via grid computing. In Neurosurgery Clinics of North America, 16:65-75, 2005. 2005
H. Lippmann, G. Wollny. Automatische Brain-Shift-Korrektur unter Verwendung von Grid-computing. In Proceedings of Workshop Bildverarbeitung für die Medizin 2005, Heidelberg, Germany, March 2005, Informatik Aktuell. Springer, 2005. To appear. 03/2005

Radio-surgery support

Title Month/Year Format(s)
J. W. Fenner, R. A. Mehrem, V. Ganesan, S. Riley, S. E. Middleton, K. Potter, L. Walton. Radiosurgery planning supported by the GEMSS Grid. In From Grid to HealthGrid. Proceedings of HealthGrid 2005, Oxford, April 2005. Studies in Health Technologies and Informatics 112, IOS Press, 2005. 04/2005
J. W. Fenner, R. A. Mehrem, V. Ganesan, P. Melas, L. Walton. Practical experience of Grid-enabled health computing with the GEMSS Grid. In Proceedings of UK e-science `All Hands Meeting', Nottingham, UK, August 2004, 2004. 08/2004 pdf

Inhaled drug delivery simulation

Title Month/Year Format(s)
The COPHIT CD demonstrates how COPHIT is used to solve inhaled drug delivery problems.

Cardio-vascular system simulation

Title Month/Year Format(s)
D. M. Jones, D. R. Hose, P. V. Lawford, D. L. Hill, R. S. Razavi, D. C. Barber. Creation of patient-specific CFD models by morphing a previously-meshed reference geometry using image registration. In Proceedings of Medical Image Understanding and Analysis, pages 173-176, September 2004. 09/2004

Advanced Medical Image Reconstruction

Title Month/Year Format(s)
M. Forster. Advanced iterative reconstruction in fully 3D SPECT. Master's thesis, TU Vienna, 2003. 2003
W. Backfrieder, M. Forster, P. John, G. Engelbrecht, S. Benkner. Fully 3D iterative SPECT reconstruction in a high performance computing environment. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematics and Engineering Techniques in Medicine and Biological Sciences METMBS'03, Las Vegas, USA, June 2003, pp. 216-221, 2003. 06/2003
W. Backfrieder, M. Forster, G. Engelbrecht, S. Benkner. Optimized design of VOR for 3D image reconstruction in SPECT in a service oriented parallel implementation. Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, 31(2):139, 2003. 2003
M. Forster, S. Benkner, W. Backfrieder. Echte 3D-Rekonstruktion in SPECT in einer netzwerkverteilten Super-Computer Umgebung. Biomedizinische Technik, 48(1):122-123, 2003. Gemeinsame Jahrestagung der Österreichischen, Deutschen und Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik BMT2003, Salzburg, Austria, September 25-27, 2003. 09/2003

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