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The GEMSS Project Open Source Software

The GEMSS middleware is released as "open source" under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Software License Agreement included with this release version 1.2. The public version includes the source code of all components of the final project internal release (name: phase 3) including:

without additional packaging. Each file has a header specifying copyright and dependency information. The release notes provide a list of the contents of the release. The IPR registry lists IPR-owners of all third party code and GEMSS partner code. The code manifest is a simple list of all files contained within the release, and lists the code header details for each file. This provides a summary that can be referred to by any potential users, and makes clear the copyright position and dependencies.

The developers of the GEMSS Grid middleware are:

You can download the open source GEMSS middleware and use the software after registration. The download procedure consists of the following three steps:

  1. Read the LGPL license agreement
  2. Download the source code distribution.

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