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Incorporation of a three-dimensional vessel section model

3D model coupled to Westerhof model

For many simulations, the detailed three-dimensional pattern of flow in a particular section of artery is of interest. In this case, a full computational fluid dynamics analysis is performed using the commercial CFX software. The boundaries of the three-dimensional model are coupled to sections of the Westerhof model.

One way of modelling a stenosis is simply to reduce the radius of the arterial segment, as shown previously. However, in the example illustrated opposite, the stenosis is modelled more fully using a three-dimensional model. The process of coupling the 3D and Westerhof models together is shown in this video clip (1.62MB)

Simulation can be performed on a local computer, or on the GEMSS computational Grid, as shown in this video clip (1.49MB). The 3D simulation can be very computationally intensive, and use of a computing grid makes this technique more accessible to users who do not have use of a dedicated HPC resource.

Simulation results for the 3D model and Westerhof network are shown below.

Coupled simulation results

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